About Us


Air Janero is a progressive lifestyle blog focused on all things popular in sports, music, fashion, chicks, and kicks. The blog intertwines visual inspirations and the provision of knowledge on all things pop culture that pertain to the sports, music, and fashion genres.

AirJanero.com was founded by Janero Marchand on September 10, 2015 and launched on November 30, 2015. The goal is to provide readers with a unique and informative vantage point into the Sports, Music, Fashion, and Entertainment industries.

Air Janero’s editorial is further enhanced through it’s online video presence dedicated to creating impactful stories visually. The video platform will provide a further dimension to some of the most interesting and compelling stories within the sports, music, fashion, model, and sneaker cultures.

A truly eclectic mix of numerous topics and a broad array of genres, Air Janero aims to be the staple lifestyle blog that is innovative and a highly respected brand.