Kanye West – “I Didn’t Vote But If I Did, I Would Have Voted For Trump”!

During the San Jose stop to his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye stopped the crowd to speak on his political views and how he didn’t vote, but if he did he would have voted for Donald Trump.

That’s what makes America great, people are free to vote for who they want as President. I can’t speak on the current Kanye of today, but the Kanye I knew and met back during the “Watch The Throne” tour was smart, intellectual, and produced one of my favorite albums, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. I can’t speak on his current mindset or music, times change and people change with it I guess, but I wish him well. What are your thoughts on this?

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  • TheTruth

    Social media has really started making me HATE celebrities. That’s his choice to vote for whoever but when I’m at concert, I want to hear MUSIC!!! Save that shit for an interview or podcast… KAWN-YE!

  • Gee

    Mental illness is a serious issue in the Black community that people fail to address. Kanye West is someone who has a serious mental illness. Along with Chris Brown and Azalea Banks as well.